3 thoughts on “WHO wants to check your family members & remove & isolate the infected, in a ‘safe & dignified manner’ of course”

  1. At 17 min. mark Prof. Francis Boyle says they already have a Wuhan virus vaccine…. maybe they have given it to some world leaders.

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  2. I can’t see that going down too well in the US. Most folk still have guns.
    “Remove them”? To where? FEMA camps? Gutted out Walmart stores? Conjures up those images doesn’t it?
    I note the date on that vid was March 30th. Haven’t seen any developments on that aspect in the intervening week?

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  3. So, do not believe your government, they are a bunch of criminals (all of them) that stop at NOTHING. By the way where is winston peters. Heard of him lately?, Funny that.

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