NZ plans police checkpoints lest you intended skiving off to your family bach this weekend

Getting Orwellian isn’t it? The entire planet virtually is under ‘friendly’ control/surveillance/lockdown. Remember, this is protecting your health. Same as the coming vaccine will be & as the latest lamestream murmurings have it, they are planning to visit your home to see if anybody is infected. WHO that is. You’ll be removed & isolated. EWR


Police will be operating checkpoints over the Easter weekend to check people are abiding by the lockdown regulations.

Anyone attempting to travel to their bach or holiday home or to make non-essential visits to people outside their bubble will be educated, warned and when necessary arrested, police say.

Police will be ramping up their presence in the community and on the roads this long weekend to ensure people are complying with the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions.

“We know many New Zealanders may have been planning to catch up with friends and family this weekend, or travel to traditional holiday destinations but we urge anyone who was planning to do this – please change your plans and stay home,” police said in a statement.


Image by 남식 김 from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “NZ plans police checkpoints lest you intended skiving off to your family bach this weekend”

  1. So the Police State has finally arrived, no surprise on that front, but why is that New Zealander’s do not stand up to this?! To me, what is going on right now is a blatant violation of the Human Rights Act. They discriminate to over 70’s, while it appears that the 20+ age is more at risk. The economy is going to be in a hell of mess even if they pulled the pin right now. Numerous people have lost their jobs and untold people are already in such financial difficulty, the government wouldn’t know what to do with it! One more thing, I watched on several occasions missy ardern, I have reason to believe (going by her mannerism and answers) that she is loving all this, despite her assurance that she is so concerned about our health, well missy ardern, if you are concerned about our health then why don’t you do something about the ongoing Geo- Engineering over our country and why do you not stand up to the roll-out of 5G, just to mention some problems.

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  2. Why is Dear Leader Jacinda massively concerned about an infectious but not particularly severe (for about 85% of those catch it) virus but not at all worried about 5G when countries like Switzerland and Slovenia are very concerned about it?

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