You need to ask yourself why, in the midst of a food shortage, would any authority stop you buying seeds or gardening supplies?

A note to those contacting me to say this is not true. I don’t think anybody is claiming seeds are banned everywhere. They clearly have been in some places & since the video was produced (not by EWR) matters have changed as the lockdown has evolved. Nevertheless the point still remains, we have a starting point here. It is something to watch & be very aware of. Whose interests are at heart if you are unable to find & purchase seed to feed yourselves? If you wish to query the truth of the video please make your way to the creator’s channel by clicking on the YT icon at the bottom right of the video screen as it plays, and pose your questions there. EWR

Here we have the new world order advocates … the ones who profess sustainable practices … the liars I’m sorry to say at the top of the pyramid  … preventing two US states from buying seeds or gardening supplies. This is in Maryland and Vermont. Where next?


This short video from the channel of Ice Age Farmer highlights the food shortages & the reasons for them. I’m briefly summarizing the main points. Ranchers can’t get their stock processed … (so we’ll have to eat I suspect that fake processed poison they’ve been itching to foist on us). The BBC reports 2,000 garden centers and nurseries are throwing out their plants and supplies! Ontario has shut down community gardens. (Whatever happened to social distancing in the gardens then, or the nurseries? It’s being managed pretty well in the supermarkets note). Canada had originally failed to include the entire agricultural industry under essential services … that has fortunately now changed since the making of this video here. Food was not an essential service? Milk producers are being ordered to dump their supplies. There has been violence at the supermarkets in Latin America and Italy. India’s entire tea industry is about to collapse and oil production there is grinding to a halt. And eggs are rotting in the warehouses because get this, there aren’t any cartons to put them in! Meanwhile in NZ apparently the shortage of flour on the supermarket shelves is due to ‘everybody’s baking’ and according to this article, there’s plenty of flour in stock just no packaging for it. (So what about all the plastic bags we see still floating around the supermarkets that you put your fruit & veg in? Used to be we improvised in a state of emergency didn’t we?)  I’ve also noted in NZ that the Bin Inns are closed after some uncertainty where shops had their permission that’s since been withdrawn. In short the entire food industry is being shut down.

Note in comments … Glenn from Texas: “In Texas the big box stores are not letting people buy seeds to grow food, but can buy flower seeds”.

So, if these people were what they say they are, and cared like they profess they do, they would not be stopping you from growing your own food. I’ve mentioned this often over recent years, about saving your own heirloom seed because the giant corporations have been quietly buying up the seed companies. We know that’s about monopoly and nothing to do with your convenience or health. Plus they have hybridized the seed so you have to return next year to buy more. Remember the plight of Indian farmers who suicided because of the financial ruin caused by this evil set up.  The only sustainable thing about this scenario is profits for corporations.

If anything illustrates their real intent with all of this lockdown it is the banning of seeds. This is absolutely outrageous and very wrong. There is absolutely no way that any risk of disease can justify this. Remember Kissinger’s infamous quote?

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”



Photos: Image by Josy Dom Alexis from Pixabay
Image by PierreGilbert from Pixabay

23 thoughts on “You need to ask yourself why, in the midst of a food shortage, would any authority stop you buying seeds or gardening supplies?”

  1. The Economic Forum (group of bankers sitting in their Swiss bunker) have already decided how you, me, we should live. Our choices/preferences count for nothing. God’s law has been tossed out the window.

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  2. Canada has NOT “forgotten” the farming industry. In fact, supply chains, producers and food suppliers (in various markets) are deemed essential.


  3. This is not true! Big box stores and large retailers like Walmart are being restricted as to what they sell. Anything that is determined to be non essential is not allowed. This is supposedly to limit the time one is in the store environment. Most stored allow purchase if ordered online and picked up at the curb and seed companies still ship.


      1. I live in East Texas and purchased numerous vegetable plants from Home Depot today. Lots of seeds were available for sale although they have been getting stupid expensive. Our feed stores have lots of seeds too. Not sure what’s up with your location.

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        1. Seed purchase is clearly being banned in some areas … and expensive is predictable as is always the case with the scarcity phenomenon. Someone always making a buck from that. Bottom line clearly folk need to get the seeds when/if still available.


      1. Who is AG Barr Mary? This site is from NZ so your local details/personnel etc are unknown. Perhaps can you supply readers with the info & an email address?


      2. I’ve been saving and storing heirloom seeds for a while. We have to remember. We’ve been here before. Our Parents, and Grandparents made it through hard times. We will too. Dont panic. Prepare. Learn to be resourceful. The Internet and Google will not sustain us. Paper maps, farmers almanacs, actual books on prepping and canning, will go a lot further if and when things get really bad. Potatoes and greens are surprisingly easy to grow.

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        1. great words of wisdom there Someone. Thank you 🙂 So very true. At 84 my father who lived through the Great Depression, he was still growing veggies & giving them away, saved the seed every year as did most of our neighbours. ❤


  4. Monsatans goal from the beginning was to replace ALL natural seeds with theirs. Why are we not allowed to buy seeds? Because they don’t want us to grow our own food, they want to control the food supply. I for one do not want to eat their stinking franken food.

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