Half of native Kea die after recent 1080 Poison Drop

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Kea intelligenceIn a range of tests at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch, kea worked out that choosing a particular coloured token always led to a food reward, and even managed to learn which of their rangers was most likely to pick the token they wanted. —-Rachel Thomas, RNZ 4 March 2020

Killing an intelligent bird

By Roger Childs

These recent tests back up earlier research on the intelligence of these friendly but mischievous birds. However, like all avian creatures they are vulnerable to poison drops.

Kea have been killed in significant numbers by 1080 drops for decades. Ian Bradford recalls Kea in Nelson Lakes: “In my early years in Nelson Lakes National Park, I spent a lot of time on the tops. It was quite common for flocks of 20 or more Kea circling above us. As 1080 drops became prevalent Kea numbers reduced dramatically. For about twenty five years…

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  1. to allow the worlds biggest 1080 poison corporation to use the word “Conservation” in its name is just abhorrent.

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