Bill Gates discusses ‘intentionally caused’ virus outbreaks, playing us again as he and his billionaire friends ‘predict’ a collapse of our food supply

A collapse of our food supply, note, not theirs. They are busy preparing their bolt holes and places of refuge for when the SHTF. These are the ‘sustainable’ lie people who pledged their plan would make things better on planet earth.

A video here from Ice Age Farmer on Youtube. If you listen at 4 minutes in you will see Bill Gates (current promoter of depop via his $$$vaccines) telling us about an epidemic … ‘either naturally caused or intentionally caused’ … so they play us some more. Firstly we have the NZ vaccinologist with her supposed slip of the tongue, a 27 years prior pandemic prediction by the Simpsons, a book with a prediction of the same some 39 years prior and now we have Bill with ‘intentionally caused’ pandemics. I’m not making this up. Please do watch the entire video, it contains important information.

See the curious statement made below here in ’96. That was the era straight after the Agenda 21 rollout (’92).

depop meme

These people are evil.

Bill Gates owns patents on the virus and censorship of social media is recommended so only the right story is out there.  This is the man who ran a pandemic simulation weeks before the outbreak. We also had more than 110 countries assembling weeks prior at the place of the origin of this manufactured virus conducting their military world games. They play loose with people’s lives because they want the world’s population down. And it does not need reducing at all… ‘most’ is just not enough for them. There is ample landfor everybody. Read Kevin Cahill’s exposé of that. He has calculated there is enough habitable land on the planet for every single soul to subsist on. He also concludes that landlessness is the distinguishing feature of world poverty. Only a very small percentage (15%) of the world’s population owns the land. This issue he believes, that of land ownership, is ‘almost universally the subject of deceit by those in authority behind it’. I’ve digressed but nevertheless this is important information we have not been privy to. There is much more info that is important in the video particularly about the food supply … a must watch.

Note folks, they are not a part of the ‘required’ population reduction either … they stay, it is you who goes.



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A 2015 Soros-funded think tank predicted a 2020 breakdown of the global food supply following an outbreak — just as Bill Gates’ 2019 “event 201” simulated a global pandemic. Why are multiple billionaires been speaking to outbreaks and food insecurity in 2020? Because Agenda 21/2030 isn’t just a name: it’s a war on all of us, and it has gone HOT. FULL SHOW NOTES:… bitchute:…!/v/iceagefarmer/x4o0… SUPPORT THE SHOW: JOIN THE CONVERSATION: IAF RESOURCES: ⇒ GDD: Growing Degree Days tool: how much colder has 2019 been for you? ⇒ IAF Wiki – read history, understand cycles, know what’s coming:… ⇒ Maps from previous cycles:… ⇒ Crop Loss Map ⇒ Join the email list – stay connected: *** SUPPORTERS – I recommend (because I use personally) *** STORED FOOD (+ more) @ MyPatriotSupply: FREEZE DRY YOUR OWN FOOD (like printing money, but food): BUY SEEDS @ TRUE LEAF MARKET: EMP-proof Solar: mention IAF save $250 BEST CBD: 10% code: IAF2018 ⇒ More books: ⇒ Stored food:


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10 thoughts on “Bill Gates discusses ‘intentionally caused’ virus outbreaks, playing us again as he and his billionaire friends ‘predict’ a collapse of our food supply”

  1. That quote on Robert M. Doesn’t seem accurate… “reducing the birth rare” is not impossible.. It’s already proven to be too effective effectice. Look into the Japanese birth rate and infertility dilemma they caused themselves. They have a declining pop due to their own scientists intentionally reducing their fertility.

    The rest of the predictions I’ve been saying since I was a kid. It’s so obvious they are after killing us all for a condensed population of fear drenched sheeple.


    1. Perhaps back in ’96 it was proving ineffective would be my opinion on that J. We are like nearly 3 decades later now. So it’s been very effective looking back, however still not good enough for the so called ‘elite’. We ‘re hearing constant calls to reduce by the Royals, Gates & so on. Agree, yes a small, controllable fear drenched pop of sheeple caged in their tiny cubicles in smart cities.


  2. By Don De
    Bill Gates, the Elites and the NWO have initiated stage-one of their ultimate end-game plan – installing themselves as the leaders of a totalitarian One World Government. They’re planning on consolidating their global control over the world’s food supply by using the time tested Hegelian Dialectic Red Flags > problem – reaction – solution / create a crisis- offer a solution to mitigate the problem – achieve the desired outcome. To do this they need a catalyst. They’ve chosen the Coronavirus owned and patented by our own Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Systems and one of the biggest depopulationists alive. He has a two pronged solution. Create a deadly virus and come up with a vaccination that will probably kill you faster than any virus. Many of his vaccine programs have resulted in deaths, injuries and permanent disabilities and sterility for children in developing African countries.

    The NWO war against humanity is going hot. Pandemic simulations have already been run by them and now they’re ready for the main event. Wuhan, China was chosen as ground zero. Hundreds have already died and an unknown amount of their people have been exposed to the Coronavirus. Many more of them are already infected and are in various incubation stages. Every night the news media is reporting the Coronavirus epidemic is now spreading across Europe and neighboring nations and that will eventually lead to diminishing much of the food supplies including pork, beef, grains, vegetables and other food sources. When people are dead or dying, they’re certainly not on the farms farming! Eventually the water supplies could be tainted or severely restricted. People are expected to riot in the streets as societal norms breakdown and a form of apocalyptic mentality begins. Neighboring Nation State governments are preparing help their own citizens to any extent possible but they also realize they must prepare for Martial Law to defend their continuity of governments if the virus and subsequent extended food shortages begin to threaten the safety and sovereignty of their countries.

    The Coronavirus could eventually take root here in the United States too. President Trump has been aggressively trying to protect us by temporarily banning entry into the US anyone that has traveled from China or placing them in a CDC quarantine for two weeks when they return, which is far from the draconian measures the Chinese government is using against their people. It’s been reported that an Executive Order has already been signed to deal with this pandemic if it also spreads on American soil. Only those with a form of cognitive dissonance would think it can’t happen here. We don’t know yet what President Trump ultimately plans to do but his first responsibility is to protect the people of this Nation so whatever the outcome of this NWO assault on humanity is, we can be thankful he’s in the Oval Office protecting us instead of a Democrat.

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  3. I am becoming suspicious that Google etc. are censoring aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak. I know I had read articles that said both WHO and China frowned on travel restrictions. Tucker Carlson did a great analysis of Ghebreyesus (from WHO) — who also initially was against travel restrictions. But as of today (02/28/2019) I can find barely anything. My suspicion is that Google is censoring stories that talk about this fact: neither China or WHO wanted travel restrictions. If you find any good link please share []

    Despite the censorship I did find this article from 02/03/2019 where the people of Hong Kong were demanding no travel from China. Obviously they had the protest because China did not want to comply with a travel ban. So the big question remains: what happened to all the other stories on the refusal of China/WHO to demand a travel ban in late January to early February? What happened to the Carlson video on Ghebreysus. I think Google is censoring aspects of this story. IT seems obvious.

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    1. I concur bcainw, there is far far more to this virus than we are being told… going by the past lies. And we all know Google has totally ramped up their censorship. My own views/shares at fb plummeted after the March event last year that we’re not allowed to talk about. I’m seeing it on many discussions by others. So yes I’d guarantee they’re censoring this info. I will certainly let you know if I see any of the links you highlight.

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