The Simpson’s were predicting a mass pandemic 27 years ago

“We’re here to come up with the next phoney baloney crisis … to put Americans back where they belong …” Predictive programming at its finest. And the old ‘problem, reaction, solution trick’ the signature of the globalist MO. Note the vaccine in there too. Note also this is a children’s program is it not? With adult satire. Now I’m not saying you don’t need to be taking great care, just saying we are being played big time with the reporting on this. With mainstream media as it is it is really difficult to get to the truth and that is generally how they want it. We have information trails as well as disinformation trails. This video anyway bears remarkable resemblances to the scenarios we’re seeing these days as the creator of the video points out. Take care & exercise the precautionary principle.  EWR


4 thoughts on “The Simpson’s were predicting a mass pandemic 27 years ago”

  1. We can probably predict when “they” will produce the vaccine (I would guess they already have it). As with all previous vaccines they will wait until the infection has run its course and is in decline. Then there will be an announcement that we are all (for the good of the planet) expected to attend our local GP’s surgery for an anti virus shot. It may be compulsory.

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