French workers keep fighting Macron’s austerity

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This 29 January 2020 video is called French protesters take to the streets in 8th protest day against pension reform.

By Alex Lantier in France:

30 January 2020

On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of workers and youth marched in protests across France in a further “National Day of Action” against President Emmanuel Macron’s widely opposed pension cuts. Anger is still building against Macron, even after rail and transit workers, starved of strike pay … were forced to end their six-week strike and return to work last week.

January 29 protest in Paris

The demonstrations were large, though figures released by both the police and the trade unions indicated a somewhat smaller participation than the previous protest, on January 24. According to the unions, 35,000 protesters marched in Toulouse, 10,000 in Bordeaux and 7,000 in Le Havre. …

Armored riot police kettle a section of the protest

In Paris, police arrested 13 demonstrators when clashes broke out at a march attended by 180,000…

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  1. Good to see that at least the French people take some serious action. Something that should have happened in New-Zealand a long time ago, but I have the impression that the New-Zealand populace just take everything up the proverbial, rather then start a protest. Shame really.

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