Alaska Is Number One For Missing People Never Found

Reality Decoded

Alaska has a rate of missing persons almost twice the national average.
More than 16,000 people have disappeared in Alaska since 1988. Many of the missing people disappear without any evidence, and with no bodies (alive or dead) found. We are literally talking about people disappearing without a trace. Alaska holds the record for the highest percentage of missing people who are never found.

One Example: Richard Hills, 37. Missing since February 2004. Left his girlfriend and three kids to pick up his pay from work but never arrived. His car was found 15 miles from home, the keys in the ignition, his wallet on the front seat. His footprints went on for about a mile and a half from the car to an isolated spot where they suddenly ended.

A Second Mystery:U.S. House Majority Leader “Hale Boggs” vanished into thin air somewhere between Juneau…

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