RESIST APEC 2021: Say NO to a Police State

Auckland Peace Action

The government is currently consulting on the APEC 2021 bill. This law is being passed to allow the suspension of your basic rights and instituting extreme security and surveillance measures during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Auckland in November 2021. 

We need you to say NO to APEC 2021 and to make your voice heard. Submissions are due no later than Wednesday, 12 February 2020. You can make a submission here.

What is APEC?

APEC is an annual meeting of the leaders of countries that rim the Pacific ocean. Included in this are the US, Russia, and China. The major aim of APEC is trade liberalisation. In practice, this means prying open economies for corporations to exploit, combined with the loss of workers’ rights, indigenous rights, land rights, environmental protections and democratic accountability.

APEC in New Zealand:

New Zealand is hosting APEC in 2021 around…

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3 thoughts on “RESIST APEC 2021: Say NO to a Police State”

  1. I resist the lose of our safe and civil rights as a NZ citizen. I submit my objection to the APEC Summit being held Auckland New Zealand for this very reason to be succinct. This is one objection of many I have regarding Police State bullying in my country .. Aoteroa New Zealand.

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