Red Cross reveals it will take YEARS for the $95million donated to ravaged communities to reach those in need

We’ve seen this before. The joke that Red Cross now is. Dodgy goings on in other disasters where the aid never gets to the affected. I’ve been told it’s now owned by the Rockefellers.

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  • The Red Cross announced a third of their donated funds have been distributed 
  • Many bushfire victims are yet to receive anything despite losing everything 
  • Funds are set to be distributed over three years in ‘tailored recovery programs’
  • Bega MP Andrew Constance slammed the Red Cross, saying help is needed now
  • ‘Australians donated now so people get help now, not in three years’ – Constance

The Australian Red Cross has revealed it will likely take years for the $95million donated to bushfire victims to reach ravaged communities.

The charity said on Wednesday $30million of its Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund had been allocated to bushfire victims, but many have received nothing.

Robert Gorringe, from Ulmarra in northern New South Wales, told 7News he had been left out the donations that have so far been distributed.

‘They’ve made a lot of promises that they’re going to this, that and the other, but I’ve received nothing,’ Mr Gorringe said.


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  1. I had a vintage book on the subject of vaccinations (someone borrowed it, never gave it back, and then moved). I remember it was published in 1929, and among the incidents reported within it’s pages was the fact that when the Red Cross would offer aid to disaster victims, it was checking for smallpox vaccine scars, and if you didn’t have one, you got no help.

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    1. Very interesting info Sukijopa. Do you recall the title or author or both at all? Would be good info to get hold of right now as so much is being censored out.


      1. I wish I did. I just sent an email to a friend who might still be in touch with that person. I looked through the following list, and it does not seem to be among them. I’ll keep trying. That one, which I believe was written by a doctor, also told how doctors groups at the time were making it so that people had to get vaccinated to cross the border and vacation in Mexico, but exempted themselves from that rule, and whole groups of doctors would go to Mexico (to have combination conference/holidays) without getting vaccinated.

        Anyway, the list of books I was looking through is here:

        Vaccine Dangers Books – Immunization Alternatives

        I have a list of titles from the 1800’s, too.

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  2. Hi Pam,
    If you hop over to my blog you might be interested in the steps that charities like the Red Cross are taking in order to be compliant with Agenda 2030 and the injectable Digital Identity required by SDG 16.9.
    Kind regards,

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      1. Don’t worry – I only just posted it last night. Your comments about the Red Cross keeping money back led me to looking at reasons for this. I’d already posted about the U.N.’s ID2020 initiative in November and started investigating. I found that this charity is wrapping itself in “green-tape.”
        I couldn’t post the link last night but here it is:

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        1. Was referring to another msg actually Jo a few weeks back now… will find it when I can. And yes the thread on fb revealed a lot of truth about Red Cross. It’s been said by someone whose research I respect that there are links to the Clintons on that one. There’s be a heap of corruption around their loss of funds & not distributing donations to where it was intended for.

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