Fact: Hospitals Are Currently Using Robots For Patient Care

Reality Decoded

Robots are now actively being used in hospitals. You may see one the next time you find yourself in need of medical support. Here are just a few to bring you up to speed.

Meet “Pepper” the robot, a humanoid robot designed to welcome and take care of visitors and patients, at AZ Damiaan hospital in Ostend, Belgium


Meet “Tug” the autonomous medical robot, designed to combat “superbugs” from spreading in hospitals.In the U.S. hospitals, an estimated 1 in 20 patients pick up infections they didn’t have when they arrived.


Meet “LightStrike” who also kills deadly superbugs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria before they harm patients.Hospitals using Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots have reported and published 50, 70 and 100 percent decreases in their infection rates.




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