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All thanks to Roger Douglas & his sick experiment. Gone are the full employment days of the 80s.

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The latest benefit statistics shows that since the change of Government: 37,000 more people on welfareA 22% increase in those on a jobseeker benefit16,000 more people who have been on a benefit for over a yearA 30% increase in Maori and Pasifka jobseeker benefit levels15,000 more children living in a benefit dependent householdThe year of…

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4 thoughts on “37,000 more people on welfare — Kiwiblog”

  1. Douglas’ (and those who came after him) “experiment” was nothing but a treacherous, deceitful capitulation to the instructions of the pickpockets who imposed our so-called national debt on Muldoon and those who came after him, at virtual gunpoint. Anyway, things have changed. Many jobs have been made obsolete by machines, in the last four decades. However, those of us who enjoyed the 60s, 70s and 80s wonder why our politicians of similar vintage don’t try and reclaim some of that ground….oh wait,…. of course…. they are on 170,000 a year, that’s right. In the old days, their salary was less than half that, in real terms. Their compliance with the designs of the pickpockets has been bought, quite cheaply.


    1. Exactly steve!! Bryan Bruce’s doco highlights the salary diff. Used to be the same as a school teacher’s! Same as the councel CEs have been bought. Quarter of a mill some of them.


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