An experiment approved by the Lincoln University animal ethics committee saw 10 dogs from a pound fed poison then euthanized

Great ethics there Lincoln Uni. Why are you even in existence one has to wonder? I think most Unis are bought & paid for these days going by the info on 1080 and funding. It’s the way of corporations. EWR

“An experiment approved by the Lincoln University animal ethics committee saw the collection of 10 dogs from a Christchurch animal shelter that were then fed concentrated doses of poison before being euthanized.”


An application from an external organisation was approved for the experiment by Lincoln University in 2010, for “trials assessing the effects of sodium nitrate during its development as a humane alternative to 1080”.

Bait containing sodium nitrate was later registered to kill possums and feral pigs in 2013.

In a statement provided by the university, no further trials approved by the animal ethics committee involved dogs.

The university says it was the responsibility of the applicant to ensure “the procurement, production, maintenance of animals as well as for the work undertaken” complied with the Animal Welfare Act and the university’s code of conduct for use of animals.

The applicant, according to the report, collected 10 dogs from a Christchurch pound to evaluate the risks of dogs eating carcasses as well as specific organs from possums that had ingested the poison.

Dogs were separated into groups, with one group being fed minced possum organs and another group fed entire carcasses.

The dogs were then monitored after the meal to see if they would present signs of sodium nitrate poisoning.

According to the report, these can include “vomiting, excessive thirst, diarrhorrea, heavy panting, the loss of coordination and methaemoglobinaemia (such as shortness of breath, cyanosis, lethargy, loss of consciousness, and bluish colouring of lips, gums, paws and nose)”.

The dogs were later euthanaised by a veterinarian at the end of the seven-day trial.

New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society spokesperson Tara Jackson says the experiment highlights how little impact ethics committees have as “even projects with this callous approach to life can be approved”.

“These experiments happen behind closed doors, and it is no surprise the public is horrified when we expose this kind of cruelty. These poor creatures were taken from a pound, fed poison, and then killed.”

Ms Jackson says her organisation has a waiting list of people willing to re-home dogs used in experiments like this.



Image by Viktar Masalovich from Pixabay

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  1. My impression is that it seems that all ethics committees, whether regarding humans or animals, are more concerned with securing their funding than in the subject matter. Heaven help us all.

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  2. The experiments should not exist in the first place. Vivisection is fraud, just like so many other facets of the Medical Mafia. It’s a many layered and multi-tentacled beast. I first learned the details of it in “Slaughter of The Innocent,” by Hans Ruesch, and his great follow up books, “Naked Empress, or The Great Medical Fraud,” and “1,000 Doctors – and more- Against Vivisection.”

    Just reading in the self-published second edition of “Slaughter…” about how the first edition, published by a major company, was yanked out of bookstores (and ultimately destroyed) as soon as it arrived, is a fascinating glimpse of how powerful AND corrupt the Medical Mafia is. That book was already on the bestsellers list, having been ordered in bulk by antivivisectionist groups. But, presto change-o, they made it disappear.

    Anyone one with a functioning brain who reads even just those 3 books will understand that vivisection is not only not necessary, but is the backdrop for so much destruction of life and the environment that is taking place.

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  3. It’s bad enough they were in the pound to begin with; then instead of going to properly screened, loving homes, they’re sent off to be even more severely caged and made to suffer far more by greedy egomaniacs hungry for more buckets of cash and admiration from media-educated ignoramuses. Sorry world we’re stuck in. Hopefully full and exact justice is delivered to all humans in the next existence.

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  4. For every one of these experiments that gets exposed by the media, there are many more that don’t.
    In fact the few that do get publicity serve as a nice diversion for the many do not.

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