Sickness from 5G Cell Towers | Technology is Killing Us Slowly

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Sickness from 5G Cell Towers | Technology is Killing Us Slowly

Dec 6, 2019

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Hey y’all in this video I want to share with you me and my family’s experience living next to a Cell tower. For 9 months we lived 300 feet from a tower and It did a number on us. We have now recovered by getting back to our roots and living out in the country. Below are links for you to learn more about cell towers. Again this is my option and my story of what happened. Stay safe out there and God Bless. News story of cell towers… my video living with cell towers… report https://www.globalindoorhealthnetwork… Symptoms from cell towers… Find cell towers near you


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2 thoughts on “Sickness from 5G Cell Towers | Technology is Killing Us Slowly”

  1. 5G is extremely dangerous. What a lot of people do not understand is the fact that it allows companies to use frequencies in the range of 2.4 to 70 plus Gigahertz. 2.4 is your good old Microwave Oven (with the door open). 60/70 GHz is used by car manufacturers for what they call is Parking Assist (really?) what this means is, that when you walk down the footpath you get bombarded by high frequency microwave radiation from people trying to park their car, without your consent. And of course we have the lovely phones (ipads) at all sort of frequencies, you don’t have be using one, just stand next to it. So ‘5G’ radiation is everywhere, you can not escape it! Do Something About It!!! Don’t forget that radiation is CUMULATIVE, if you don’t know what that means go here. Doing something about it is interesting, I always understood that the “Government” was looking after the benefit and prosperity of the public at large, it saddens me to say that they (the government) no longer give a shit. Please look after yourself and speak up, like in, SPEAK_UP! Your Voice Is Very Important!!!!

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