50 Year Old Woman Dies Within 48 Hours of Receiving 8 Vaccines

“On Friday, October 19th 2018, she went for the flu shot and physical. When she got in there, the nurse told her she needed three more shots, the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)Hepatitis B, and tetanus [TDaP (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis)]. So in total she was given eight vaccines. She asked the nurse, “Don’t you think that’s a lot to give at one time”? I’m not sure her answer, but they gave them to her. Denise came home and all day Saturday she felt nauseous. Sunday morning she got up, showered, drank her coffee, and posted on Facebook a site about vaccines. She posted this statement about one hour before passing — about how one of your family members could be a statistic.”

From stopmandatoryvaccination.com

We commonly hear of parents who lose their infant or young child to adverse vaccine reactions and death. Adults are also being damaged and killed by vaccines. In this heart-breaking case, Connie Paul recently suffered the loss of her 50 year old daughter, Denise Mullen, because of the vaccines she was required to get for her new job, including the flu shot. What’s also alarming is her daughter, Denise, posted an ominous warning message on Facebook alerting others of the flu vaccine just an hour before her death.

Connie describes her daughter’s devastating story and tragic outcome that occurred 48 hours after receiving eight vaccines.

Connie: My daughter, Denise Mullen, was the most caring person in the world, never judging anyone, and always one to tell you that you are a worthy person. It all started last year in June. My daughter woke up in the night and couldn’t breath.  She went to emergency room and was admitted with congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy, a virus in her heart, and we never found out how she got that. Her heart was only working at 15-20% and the heart function should be around 65%.  She had many tests, echocardiograms, was prescribed heart medicine, and changed her lifestyle somewhat to get better. She had been working at her in-law’s business as the bookkeeper and store manager. She had cut her work schedule to a few days and hours a week as she was tired a lot.Denise had a husband, three children, and two grandchildren whom she loved so dearly. She would put them first in everything. She would sacrifice all the time for family including me, her mom. I miss that so much.  Her little grandchildren tell everyone, “grandma’s in heaven”. This is heart-breaking for my whole family. Never did I ever think I would lose my only daughter at 50 because a government makes us take poison in our bodies.

Even with a heart condition, Denise did normal things like ride out back on their property in their four-wheeler. They would build a fire and sit out by a creek and enjoy nature. Now that’s all gone. There are places I went with her that I’m not sure I ever want to go there again without her. I am so angry that she had to do these vaccinations and she was totally against them. My grandson and his wife don’t vaccinate their daughter. My family are so against putting poison in our bodies.



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    1. Yes it is gratzite & thanks for commenting… and yet the professionals who should know better just insist and go ahead like they did with this woman. We saw same in Samoa with the two babies dying, the second mother resisting because of the first death & yet the ‘professional’ insisted & killed her baby. Take a look at the Vaccine Safety Summit video that tells us vaccines are not safe by their own admission. Even the professionals now are losing confidence. Unlike you I do not believe any vaccine is safe, nor has it saved countless lives. We have just been told they have by these same people who REFUSE to do the study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated outcomes. Now that is something that should ring alarm bells for everybody. I’ll post a couple of links.


    2. Having studied and written about vaccines for 4 decades, I respectfully disagree that “countless lives have been preserved by vaccines.” History has been (and is) rewritten, even while it’s happening, ever since vaccination was recognized as a source of profit.
      Here’s an excerpt from my book, which is largely based on history that’s been preserved in much earlier books, which were systematically kept out of mainstream sources of information-sharing:

      For instance, in Kansas City and Pittsburgh during the 1920’s, lawsuits were initiated, and won, against doctors and medical societies for declaring smallpox epidemics when there were none, and for creating epidemics with their vaccination drives. Before 1903, smallpox was almost unknown in the Philippines, with occurrences in less than 3% of the population, and that in a mild form. The U.S. military went in and began vaccinating, and by 1905 the Philippines had its first major epidemic. Vaccination was made compulsory in 1910. From 1905 to 1923, the mortality rate ranged from 25% – 75%, depending on the count from the various islands. The mortality rate was the highest in the cities where vaccination was most intense. Dr. W. W. Keen reported 130,264 cases and 74,369 deaths from smallpox in 1921. Japan adopted compulsory vaccinations in 1872 when they had only a few cases of smallpox. By 1892 they had the largest smallpox epidemic in their history with 165,774 cases and 29,979 deaths. Australia banned the smallpox vaccine after some children were killed by it, and in the following 15 years in unvaccinated Australia there were only 3 cases of smallpox.1 http://www.trophozyme.com/homeopathy/pharmaceutical-vaccines-vs-homeopathy.php

      According to a 1971 report presented at the Presidential Address of the British Association for the Advancement of Sciences, deaths from diphtheria, whooping cough, scarlet fever and measles declined from their peak in 1860 by 90%, before the common use of DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) shots, circa 1940, and antitoxin just prior to that time.3
      After French children were inoculated in 1941, diphtheria rates rose dramatically to 13,795 by the end of the year. By 1943, cases of diphtheria had increased to 46,750. At the beginning of World War II, when Germany made vaccination compulsory, the rate of diphtheria reached an all time high of 150,000 cases, while in unvaccinated Norway there were only 50 cases.4
      An article in East/West magazine (November, 1988) reports that of 795 cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in infants ages 3 to 6 months, 49% of them had been vaccinated. That constitutes a nearly 50-50 ration, which computes to zero protections.5″

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        1. Any time, any part you would like to. In fact, someone else (I know not who) posted that part of the book, plus more, at this link:

          Sue Marston – Whale

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