Beekeepers traumatised and counselled after hearing animals screaming in pain after bushfires

Beekeepers checking on hives are some of the first people into fire-ravaged forests, and are not prepared for the traumatic sights and sounds of wounded and suffering animals.

NSW Apiarists Association president Stephen Targett said the situation in north-eastern NSW was “truly devastating” to beekeepers and extremely traumatic.

“It’s doing their heads in, the screaming animals, the animals that are in pain, that are crying out in the forest, it’s absolutely horrific,” Mr Targett said.

“One beekeeper employs some young people and it has really traumatised them.

“So the beekeeper has arranged counselling for these young beekeepers who went into the forest and he won’t allow them back into the forest for a period of time.

Concern for mental health

The impact of the drought and now bushfires has worn beekeepers down.

More than a million hectares has burnt in NSW since the start of this year’s bushfire season, with hives and key foraging country for bees burnt out.

Peter Matthison from Elands, south-west of Port Macquarie, estimated he had lost 70 per cent of his hives and 90 per cent of the sites he used for his bees.


Photo: Countless hives and millions of bees have been lost in NSW bushfires. (Supplied: Australia’s Manuka)

5 thoughts on “Beekeepers traumatised and counselled after hearing animals screaming in pain after bushfires”

  1. When you see the words “traumatised” and “counselled” in the same sentence, look closer. This was, and still is, the mantra around the Port Arthur murders.
    Today on the radio news i heard one billion animals have died in the fires. Maybe so, but probably no. And a touching story about wombats sharing their burrows with other animals, “even kangaroos.” Those must be very little, very cuddly kangaroos, i guess.
    Keep an eye out for more of the same. When the MSM lets out a swatch of stuff like this, there’s usually controversial legislation in the pipeline.

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  2. yes, their long-term plan is for more trees and fewer people, which i agree with, but not with their methods, and not with criminals in control.
    Sometimes i think our only salvation will be an asteroid, or a solar flare

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    1. I don’t go for the less people steve, that’s a lie as well. Plenty of room for all really they just want it for themselves. All of it… bar a tiny % … they have us over a barrel really


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