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We turn domestic and commercial plastic waste into premium fencing products that perform better, for longer. —Future Post website

Recycling the plastic

By Roger Childs

We live in an age of plastic and have far too much of it on the planet. Some of it kills fish and birds, and the stomachs of dead seagulls on Pacific Islands testify to the tragic toll in wildlife.

Birds on Midway IslandFortunately, action is being taken to reduce the use of plastics and it’s pleasing that supermarkets are using alternative wrapping and bags. It is now standard for shoppers to bring their own bags to take their groceries home, unlike a few years ago.

Numbers on milk bottles and other plastic containers indicate if they can be recycled, but I’ve often wondered what are they turned into?  How about farm fence posts?

Getting started

Future posts founderAuckland fencer and farmer Jerome Wenzlick was disgusted by the amount of…

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2 thoughts on “a great idea – plastic fence posts from waste”

  1. This is fantastic, as are a number of other recycling and re-use initiatives out there. I know of many. The problem is getting plastic packaging companies behind it. I work in the industry when I’m not blogging at Uncensored, and sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall trying to get these guys to recycle their waste productively. They know all the 2030 sustainability talk and enviro-buzzwords, but where’s the action?
    I do hope these initiatives ultimately succeed. This is a far more important issue than CO2.


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