GNS Tell Porkies & White Island dead turn out to be VIP's



1. Look at the Geonet (the government agency run out of PM office, funded in part by mining and oil interests) report for quake activity on the 4th and 5th January 2019.
Now go look at (image below the GNS image below for same day) for the same days.

2.Look at the time given by Volcano Discovery. The the time given by Geo-net reports it and then the time frame in which the New Zealand Herald reports it – Similar to the situation in which eye witness first saw the plume of smoke on White Island 30 minutes earlier than the time frame given by Geonet for the explosion on the day of the White Island cruise ship disaster.

There in fact were more but for the purposes of demonstration this underscores my point sufficently


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  1. I have often wondered about GNS, the supposed “experts” on quakes did a fantastic job on telling us Christchurch could have been in for a “rumble”. Thought for many years whether this group hadnt been infiltrated by a puppet, linking back to the “higher ups”.
    Wont get into it, but where i get my ears pricking up, have done for years, was seeing quakes with the 10km depth.
    I have seen it for many years, when i was back in Brisbane, i noticed quakes that appeared down near Antarctic region, Macquaire, etc etc, give it bout 2 days and the likes of Melbourne had a very cool change in weather.
    Will give a few of the areas that seem to get these “magical” 10k depths and oddly enough, although the map isnt accurate in placings, these quakes are out on the middle of the drink, between couple masses of land (countries).
    Southern East Pacific Rise, Drake Passage, Carlsberg Ridge, North Mid Atlantic Ridge, Pacific Antarctic Ridge, West Indian/Antartic Ridge,West Macquaire, Balleny Island, areas around Papua New Guinea there is a few more and the likes of Fiji, majority of the time the quakes around Fiji carry a large depth (e.g.400-600k say) but sometimes you wil see 10k depth. I keep wondering bout these, are they are natural or are these quakes created to move the jet stream??? Just find it so odd to be all similar depth, in large amounts of water. Its bit like, if you take a book, lift it above your head, drop it, when it hits the ground it will create like pressure wave… and we do know they can create earthquakes, Bernard Eastlund will tell you that, but curious as bugger bout these 10k depths.
    Dont see too much of him, but what videos are out there on Harald Kautz-Vella, he backs what i see with these 10k depths. He thinks along the lines of something too do with the properties of water.
    Anyway, looks lie im writing a dam book here but will finish with this. I picked this up way back in 2013, the whole of NZ was getting a shake up but interesting thing was, cluster after cluster over a couple days, quakes appeared all over NZ, with “ZERO.ZERO” DEPTH.
    Only a year or so ago, i contacted Geonet to see if i could get a reason, explanation but nothing.
    I have thought about this for years on what was going on. The only thing i can think of… was this like tomography??? Where the whole of NZ was being say X-RAYED to see what lies beneath?? Hmmmmm, interesting days we live in. 😉

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