Australia is 1 of 47 countries globally that makes rain by cloud seeding (BBC) … why are they not using it to extinguish the fires?

EWR (EnvirowatchRangitikei) Cloud seeding is a well known tech & is employed all over the world according to a BBC documentary (see video excerpt below). This is going on in 47 countries, including Australia, involving 150 programs ‘as we speak’ says the commentary.  See below an application form used in the state of Texas to modify the weather.

Revealed: The Australian companies manipulating our weather

Copy of global cloud seeding.png
Screen shot from BBC documentary showing countries employing rainmaking technology called cloud seeding
A.texas license
Application form used in Texas for a license to modify the weather

The US military also used it as weather warfare during the war against Vietnam, known as Operation Popeye.  Australia was in fact the first to trial cloud seeding back in 1947. They’ve been covertly studying it ever since, government and private business interests modifying weather to suit their own interests.

So ask yourself,  why are they not using it to stop these fires?

Why have they not used it to prevent drought?

Australian Max Igan gave us the answer to these questions not so long ago. Have a listen & see the other related videos on his channel.  Hear his exposé on where the water has really gone from the Darling River. See why there is a drought, it’s not as you think & it’s not what mainstream is telling you.

A link shared by Ben Vidgen (Postman Productions) on Facebook yesterday highlights an item published by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2009 regarding an offer by Russia to the Australian Government for assistance with then current fires that caused the loss of 173 lives. The offer involved the use of Russia’s fire jets, capable of dumping “42,000 litres of water or retardant on a fire – almost five times the maximum capacity of the ”Elvis” skycrane helicopters.”  The offer was declined & “a spokeswoman for the Victorian Government said that despite a search of all available material, no record of the Russian offer could be found.” Strange that.


Finally, listen below to this NSW fireman of 16 years, a Senior Deputy Captain. He is speaking out about what is really happening in Australia.  (The original video has been pulled, now replaced by similar). Search the Bitchute alternative (link in info below) for other videos on Aussie fires.

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 10-02-09 7NEWS Australia

Watch at this link:

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Courtesy Channel 7 Australia. A rural firefighter of 18 years has placed the blame for Australia’s fire crisis squarely on the government. “The government isn’t working for the people. It’s working for big business and corporations,” said Senior Deputy Captain Murray Drechsler. Subscribe to 7NEWS » Connect with 7NEWS online Visit » Backup Channel:…

Further links at Youtube Channel


A note to those who have commented here and on FB about the required conditions to make rain saying it is not that simple. Firstly to the abusive folk who know who they are, use the F word on me & you’re gone. To the polite commenters I would ask, why, after 50 plus years of experimenting in a very hot dry continent, and after all of the millions of dollars spent, why have they not addressed drought with their tech? Really, otherwise what was the point of that 50+ year investment? If it really was that unsuccessful why was it not abandoned years ago then?  EWR

Photo: screen shot from BBC documentary featured

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  1. Why would anybody EXPECT Australia to produce rain to extinguish fires that very obviously are being lit for a perfect good (=extremely BAD) Reason by an NWO Ruling Elite with a Mind of its Evil Own?

    Australian Governments are under ?UN orders, and anything that you and I would regard as being e.g. “common sensical” doesn’t figure in Its Agenda 2030 ….

    By all means, read the Agenda text (if you have nothing better to do 😉

    Auckland, NZ

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  2. Politics has changed, by being changed through corporate lobbyists, and now the governments of the world are being influenced/manipulated/run by corporatists, especially within the American arena, where it’s a triangle of industrial/military/political complex. As for the cloud seeding system, it’s a great idea for the intentional purposes of providing rain in needy areas. The cloud seeding should also be applied to the likes of the most recent Australian bushfires, as Australia is involved with the cloud seeding program to begin with. So the question of why cloud seeding isn’t being used in relation to the bushfires must be addressed to the Australian Government, and why just one such government has allowed their political system to breakdown to the powers of the corporate elite.

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    1. I agree Trevor & thanks for commenting. I pose the cloud seeding question more to illustrate what is really going on. IF they had a will to extinguish the fires there are means available. Max Igan’s work covers all of that. This is Agenda 2030 in plain sight for those who have an eye beyond mainstream.

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    2. Cloud seeding in Australian bushfire territory is an utterly pointless question, in view of the genocidal-tragic corporate stupidity of the Murray River Authority which criminally flows river water out-to-sea, enough to douse all the Ozzie bushfires a hundred times over.
      Blame the bureaucrats….and blame the criminal banksters.

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    1. I don’t care to say their name outloud!
      The Elites, the Nwo, illuminati, they all make one.
      These people had killed every honest presidents. They pulling the strings from behind, and those who didn’t want to follow their dark strategies, also who knew all about they’re cult&rituals , crimes , human trafficking, unjustified war, the list is endless…So those who wanted to expose the truth, and restore our world died🤔 thankx Assange, who did it, he exposed them all, and they are dangerous, evil is to light if word to describe their intentions, so please do not follow regular news , they own them all…now that they haven’t been able to get rid of this president they do everything to drag him in dirt, they want us to hate him, so they can regained their place at white house.
      Anyway my point is, one of their biggest and important cell of this secret society hide in plain sight in Australia…so you really think they will allowed the planes to stop the fires ?
      They just had no respect for life, for us, for any living things… THEY set this all up, like they did to the Amazon, California….
      They won’t stop until total darkness will engulfed this beautiful planet if we don’t stop this “extermination’.

      I’m Canadian, never cared about politics, never even votes
      But the unusual waves of publicity about that rich tv guy (only way knew who he was!) Running for presidency against the first woman to so, got my attention…
      Of course I was following like every other sheep, what media wanted us to know and believe, which basically was.
      (Trump is just an over rich man who just wanna own a country vs a former first lady who know better about politics)… so as a woman I thought would nice to have lady president. When Trump win, i was perplexe and just went back to my “politicless” life!
      Until Assange brings the Thrut. My awareness made me see a greater Thrut… Trump is not a Muppet he won’t give up on his thirst for justice and will bring down these criminals.
      Thanks for your time,
      Keep the faith and stay aware.
      Follow your instincts and feeling no social belief. 🤗

      Prayers and much love to everyone in Australia and especially to every little fur beings😔 Bless be 💚

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      1. I’m sorry but you really need to do your research about the Clinton’s. Just because she’s a woman & has been in office did not make her fit to be my American president. Her family is evil, they have done so many unjusts , lied, cover ups , & we won’t ever forget her allowing our soilders in Benghazi to be murdered on her watch while she was in office…. That woman & her family are pure evil. You see, Trump didn’t win at all because he’s some rich elite or he paid people off to gain their votes. He won because the Americans who voted for him to be president knew he will come in & clean house from these crooked career politicians. Also, many voted for him because we certainly didn’t want evil crooked Hilary in office!


  3. This has to be a lesson for the world. Get the govt to build desalination plants, and pipe a water system through the country. California should have shown all that systems need to be in place. I’m so sorry and hurt for all those over there. Especially the innocent animals , where we may lose a couple of species, like the koala. We are suppose to be their protectors … bless all of you there. The Catman

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    1. It has become a polite fiction that Governments protect the interests of the People. Governments today are under military command orders from Higher Authority.
      Desalination Plants and Piped water supplies have become antiuated things of a now-dreamed-of Past.
      Agenda 2030 MANDATES that people (those who are Chosen to survvive) are to be herded into Smart Cities (if and only IF they want water and other such luxuiries in Life)
      DEW Military-Inducted Arson (from Aerial Firebombing lifted straight out of the RAF genocidal attack on Dresden February 1945) …arson is the Means by which Californian, and now Australian renegades can be and will be forced to run for their lives into the coastal cities (OR become migrants in what is left of Their own country)
      What is so difficult in this, for people to understand?
      Read Agenda 2030 if you think I’m full of it.
      Then write to your MP (if you think s/he is still paid to receive messages)
      Auckland, NZ

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      1. Its time to get rid of all military, it’s time to get rid of or corrupt governments its time for people to take back control of this planet.


  4. Reblogged this on © blogfactory and commented:
    It’s great to link up with the like minded thousands of miles away, it was always a hope that together (collectively) we could build up critical mass to understand what was/is happening, get ahead of the curve and collectively defeat it.What we speak about is probably the satanic cabal, banking criminals, corporate criminals, crooked leaders, the Illuminati and ‘New world order’ (whose ‘footprint’ seems to be pedophile practices

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    1. Thank you & yes we are all connecting technofiend1, more as the days go by & things get more glaringly obvious as to who & what are behind the world’s problems. Definitely as you say IMO anyway. ie the footprint. Perhaps critical mass is possible. The fires are certainly waking folk.


      1. Firemen in Paradise, California also used the word ”unprecedented”,as code for ”deliberate fire setting”.

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  5. Cloud Seeding simply doesn’t work.
    Examples such as US military in Viet Nam are typical false positives, so let’s just get all governments out of the business of “rain making.” Rain-Makers were charlatans hundreds of years ago, same as today.

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    1. What do you mean by ‘false positive’ here 7thpillar? It clearly did work in Vietnam. Well documented. Aussie was the first to trial cloud seeding & been doing it ever since. Check out Govts typically deny this.


  6. Where next? If their evil schemes r going to work they will be having fires, tsunamis, volcanos, plane crashes till theyve only the dirables areleft. God is in control. We may not be here when the Revilution comes but its on the way


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