‘The Calculated Subversion of Humanity’ …and How to Resist It

The New Dark Age

16 December 2019 — Global Research

As we transition into 2020, our World is in the grip of a deliberate attempt to destroy the fundamental values upon which all civilised life depends.

Humanitarian values of love, kindness, compassion and mutual support – are being deliberately blocked, distorted and down-graded as part of a global propaganda regime designed to indoctrinate the people of this planet into selfish, materialistic and essentially passive ‘convenience’ life styles. 

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2 thoughts on “‘The Calculated Subversion of Humanity’ …and How to Resist It”

  1. Yes, they want us to make the planet a fit place for bankers and billionaires to live.
    It seems the bankers have manoeuvred themselves into a position where they can openly rip-off businesses without fear of prosecution, bankrupt them and strip the assets. The logical end-game being that eventually the bankers own everything.


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