YouTube censors critical news, promotes Rupert Murdoch

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This 14 December 2019 video from the USA is called YouTube ADMITS To Suppressing Independent News, Pushing [corporate] CNN & [Rupert Murdoch‘s] Fox News.

YouTube is owned by the censoring Google corporation.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube censors critical news, promotes Rupert Murdoch”

  1. I tend to avoid Google like the plague, but even so it filters through to so called “safe” browsers, it’s become unavoidable. The best advice is to skip the first two or three Internet pages. I do use YouTube under protest but the things I search for tend to be the non-political things that confuse Google algorithms. They are not as smart as we are led to believe. Having said that censorship by those who claim authority is a serious joke that deserves the contempt it invites. The answer to such people is to laugh them to scorn.


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