Walmart, Lowe's, Hotels, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores Now Have Robot Employees

Reality Decoded

There are a number of stores that have started the first rollout of robots to do jobs assigned to human workers.

Big boost to the bottom line for the rich:

  • Zero wasted money on Yearly Salary
  • Zero wasted money on Health and Dental Insurance
  • Zero wasted money on Retirement Packages
  • Zero wasted money on Injury Claims
  • Works nearly 24/7
  • No Vacations or Holidays ever
  • More money for Executive Bonuses
  • More money for Share Holders

Walmart has robots deployed to 50 stores across four states. They are working with the fully autonomous robots’ manufacturer, “Bossa Nova Robotics”.

The robots scan aisles for out-of-stock items, things that were put in the wrong place by customers, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels. They continuously go up and down the aisles of the store.

The robots are often more efficient than employees performing similar tasks.

Lowe’salso has robots in stores to help customers…

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