Whakaari / White Island tragedy


This picture tells only a very small part of the unfolding story on Whakaari / White Island.


From that distance, we can’t see the terror that must have struck, the efforts to rescue the visitors and the heroism of the rescuers.

The whole story of this eruption will add another tragic chapter to New Zealand’s history.

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2 thoughts on “Whakaari / White Island tragedy”

  1. An avoidable tragedy .
    GNS failed to provide adequate warning and inadequate threat level assessment.
    White Island was not level 2
    Is there going to be and Inquiry into GNS failing to set the correct eruption warning level before the incident? .
    GeoNet issued a volcanic alert bulletin for White Island on Dec. 3.The volcano started stirring on Nov 18th.Recorded increased sulfur dioxide gas, which originates from magma deep in the volcano. It also said that volcanic tremors had increased from weak to moderate strength. On 3 December GeoNet reported that unrest at White Island had continued during the previous week. Explosive gas-and-steam-driven fountaining occurred from the active vent area on the W side of the 1978/90 Crater Complex, near the 2012 lava dome, at the back of the crater lake. Mud and debris were ejected 20-30 m above the vent,gas pressure reading up 3X . And yet the GNS Volcanic Alert Level remained at 2

    A volcanologist at Victoria’s Monash University, visited White Island twice since 1986, visits he said convinced him the island was not safe for people to be on .A similar eruption took place at Whakaari/White Island in 2016 at night.So they also had scientific baseline data (saw and recorded its supercritical state) for an eruption there.
    There were signs of escalation and GNS ignored them. They failed to increase threat level according to the observations and readings.
    A week before eruption “substantial gas, steam, and mud bursts” were observed at one of the volcanic vents in the crater…(Level three).
    Volcanologists with GNS Science, a New Zealand-based consulting group, spotted some localized surface deformation a few weeks earlier Deformation can be indicative of subsurface pressure changes caused by moving superheated liquids, gases, or magma geyser-like convulsions at the time, along with an uptick in gas emissions and seismic rumblings.

    hmmm the GNS website is undergoing ” maintenance” ( to erase/change scientific info they had and did not act on) and a camera was now “not working”.
    The coverup.
    S Cronin appears to have been personally involved /responsible is writing excuses and spreading global misinformation GNS ass coverage. Saying he is from Auckland Uni (not GNS conflict of interest if there was a criminal investigation)

    The other problem with this is that they will not learn from it as they deny they made a mistake.

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