Police launch million-dollar bullet-proof blast-resistant Toyota Land Cruisers

A taste of things to come? Now your guns are gone you’ll be needing their protection even more…? (Thanks to Linda for this link).

From stuff.co.nz

Police have bought three bullet-proof SUVs to be used in high-risk firearms incidents and major national security events.

The Toyota Land Cruisers have been fitted with ballistic armour and will be based in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington but will be deployed across the country as needed, a police media statement said.

The announcement comes weeks after armed police units were formed in three districts, following the Christchurch mosque terror attack. Police also cited an ongoing meth and crime risk.

The vehicles won’t carry arms, but staff in the vehicles will be armed.

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Police have budgeted $1.23 million for the three vehicles, which includes training and ongoing maintenance.

The SUVs will be operational this month.



8 thoughts on “Police launch million-dollar bullet-proof blast-resistant Toyota Land Cruisers”

  1. What the fuck for? We should be protected from the raging lunatic cops after 5G is switched on.
    Why the hell would NZ cops need to invest in this. What the hell is coming that they pull this kind of money out of LABOURS budget?!


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  2. Now that Govt. corruption has been fully exposed, Especially in the Dept. of Conservation, The Govt. fears an upcoming Backlash from the Angry public, They are gearing up to survive , Just in case of retaliation.

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  3. Why not merge the Armed Police with Armed Militarians…
    Then, to square the whole fracking circle, just need to add the Armed ParliaMENTAL squadroons?

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    1. LOL i think that’s looking like happening anyway going by the drills and exercises everywhere, they’re looking pretty similar in method & intent aren’t they? dovetail together nicely alright.


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