Loyal sheepdog tries to hunt down the truck transporting his flock to the slaughterhouse

For those folk who asked for some good news … the good news being the loyalty of the dog not the demise of the sheep 😦

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An incredibly loyal Spanish sheepdog has hit national headlines after he chased a truck, loaded with his doomed flock, down a dangerous motorway as they were transported to an abattoir.

The dog, named Piqué, chased the herd of sheep – which he had protected since he was a young pup – for miles down the AP7 motorway near Barcelona. Piqué was rescued by local police, who shared the heart-wrenching tale of the dog who “protects his pack until the end” online.

Concerned motorists notified police of Piqué chasing a van down the highway, and luckily he escaped without injury. However the same can’t be said for his beloved flock who went on to meet their maker at the slaughterhouse.

Policewrotethat while “animals never cease to surprise us,” they requested that owners keep their pets safe and use this “beautiful dog” as an…

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