Reconfirmed: Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat and Sick

National Addiction News


A growing body of research shows artificial sweeteners raise your risk of both obesity and Type 2 diabetes — perhaps even to a greater degree than sugar.

Recent research shows both sugar and artificial sweeteners damage vascular function and cause cellular changes that “may be important during the onset and progression of diabetes and obesity”.

Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners were found to accumulate in blood, leading to more significant damage to blood vessels. Acesulfame potassium appeared to be worse than aspartame in this regard.

The artificial sweeteners were also found to trick the body into using alternative sources of glucose, such as muscle. Evidence of protein breakdown was found in the animals’ blood.

The results indicate artificial sweeteners alter how your body processes fat and produces energy at the cellular level, and while working on different chemical pathways, they produce the same kinds of health consequences as sugar.

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