Recycling creates more pollution than it is supposed to alleviate

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Trouble is, people are being sidetracked by impossible monsters to slay (like ‘global climate change’).

Recycling creates more pollution than it’s supposed to alleviate

Baron Ash

I lived in Germany in the early 90’s. A newspaper article at the time stated that the German govt had conducted a long, large, thorough study about the benefits of recycling, something they were world leaders in. (Bottle collection points in every neighborhood, separated garbage etc.) They came to a disturbing conclusion:

•   first, that the recycling processes created more pollution than it was supposed to alleviate;
•   second, that they would continue the same recycling protocols anyway because they make people feel better (virtue signalling high!).

A friend of mine in the 90’s gave me a presentation he was using for his business in the NYC area which featured a 30-minute documentary about Japanese incinerators which his firm was trying to sell…

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3 thoughts on “Recycling creates more pollution than it is supposed to alleviate”

    1. Thing is as I see it Kenneth, I come from the era it wasn’t a problem. The glass bottles were washed by the industries & re-used … the corporations made all the plastic, we didn’t. The govts let them & still let them off with it. Then they blame us for using it. They only use it because it’s cost effective. For them only. Not us. It’s the way of corporations. It’s become a farce really. Sad.


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