2 thoughts on “WARNING: The Global Warming Scam Is A Trojan Horse For Agenda 21 A Real Hunger Games Scenario”

  1. I was looking at agenda 21 and those who authored it only yesterday. They don’t appear to be humanitarians. My thoughts were at the time were that it’s not designed for the 99%. I exchanged posts with someone only a few days ago who was praising David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FRSA FLS FZS FSA FRSGS, someone who has openly said he would like to “cull” us all. What amazes me is that presented with a problem these people (if it’s possible to call them human) in every case resort to violence as the first and only choice. And so we have a crowd who want to rule the world with hatred. Is this not exactly what’s going-on now? I don’t think they have the brains they were born with.
    Yes, Global Warming, Sea level Rise and marching kids, local authority cooperation with 5G, land control, it’s all part and parcel of the agenda. It appeals to the naive, the rich and the authoritarians who want to whip us all into shape. What is not realised is that they are all in line for the chop.

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    1. I’ll say cadxx, the chop it is. They’ve so cleverly cloaked it though in this wonderful plan that’s supposedly good for all … not clever enough mind you to actually even put up a show of following it themselves … so it’s now full of gaping holes if the discerning would like to look closer at it.


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