Climate Extremism in the Age of Disinformation

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Do the global warming wars ever change anyone’s mind?

I suppose there are a few people whose minds have been changed. As I recall, Judith Curry has said Climategate (now “celebrating” its 10 year anniversary) was her wake-up call that institutionalized climate science might not be all it claims to be. She is now a well-informed and unabashed skeptic of the modern tendency to blame every bad weather event on humans.

While I’m sure there are other examples, the unfortunate truth is that fewer and fewer people actually care about the truth.

The journalist who broke the Climategate story, James Delingpole, yesterday posted an article entitled The Bastards Have Got Away with It!, James concludes with,

“Climategate was the event when, just for a moment, it seemed we’d got the climate scamsters bang to rights, that the world’s biggest scientific (and economic) con trick had been exposed and that…

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  1. Climate Gate was the result of hacking and so the presstitutes concentrated on the hacking. The answer from science was to whitewash it all as being down to boisterousness. Unbelievably most of the public fell for it, as they tend to do because they rely on a science driven education. It seems you are somehow letting the side down if you don’t support science, something they know nothing about. It’s a kind of religion and you will never beat religion with facts.

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