3 thoughts on “Interview: Ex-transgender woman speaks out about gender reassignment surgery regret (Sky News Aus)”

  1. To paraphrase David Icke,’They are sticking labels on people and then cutting up the labels into ever smaller labels’. This poor guy unsurprisingly doesn’t know what day it is. It’s all part of the ‘Create a problem and then pretend to solve the problem’. At the same time it oils the wheels of the drug baron/pseudo medical gravy train.
    Slightly off topic: I was watching Remembrance Day at the at the Cenotaph and it occurred to me that a couple of days earlier the media were telling us that there were homeless veterans living on the streets. Do these idiots think we are as stupid as they are?

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    1. So true what you’re saying nextexx. The man was told ‘you’re a woman’ over & over he said. Gee great counseling there 😦 That’s 101 stuff. They do seem to think we’re stupid that’s for real.


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