DoC tells skippers not to warn tourists about the dangers of drinking the water after aerial 1080 drop in Milford Sound area Tuesday

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Milford Sound wikimedia Commmons

Dept of Conservation tells Tourism company off

Milford Sound (Arthur, Sinbad and Cleddau Valleys) was aerially poisoned on 15 October 2019.

Pam Vernon reports, “A reader at the Envirowatch Rangitikei site today commented about warning the tourists on the dangers of drinking the water:

‘Hi there, my brother works as a skipper for one of the biggest tourism companies in Milford and one of the skippers warned the customers on the mic and a DoC member was on the boat and got seriously offended, called her boss then DoC warned the company — gave them a chewing. The company forced all skippers to say nothing at all or risk consequences. The company is afraid of the bad side of DoC because that’s who gives them there consent to cruise in Milford. Blackmail against freedom of speech. This is real as of the other day.’

“Another person said (14 October…

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