#Lest You Did Not Know: A “Tiny Piece” of Unknown History- This US soldier ‘found alive’ in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind

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Filmmaker says John Robertson, now 76, can no longer speak English, remember his birthday or the names of his American children.

Apr 28th 2013,

A NEW DOCUMENTARY called Unclaimed
claims to introduce the world to former Army Sergeant John Robertson,
lost over Vietnam in 1968 and left behind for over four decades.

The Toronto Star
reports Edmonton filmmaker Michael Jorgenson found Robertson, 76,
living in a rural Vietnam village stooped with age, unable to speak
English, remember his birthday, or names of the children he left behind
in the U.S.

It’s a story difficult to understand considering the US military
places such a priority on bringing every service member home, whenever

Jorgenson told the Toronto Star that he was also skeptical when
Vietnam vet Tom Faunce came to him and explained a man he’d found in
Vietnam was a former “Army brother” listed as killed in action and

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7 thoughts on “#Lest You Did Not Know: A “Tiny Piece” of Unknown History- This US soldier ‘found alive’ in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind”

    1. I didn’t know that M.C. About any being left behind. In the small NZ town I come from, there was one young soldier died in Vietnam, and it took my father a WW2 Vet a long time for them to agree to put his name on the war memorial in town. They took til 2007 to recognize the damage from Agent Orange … as they do. All along things were never just quite right even to mainstream about that war. How sad for those men left behind. Their families?? loved ones?? Always war is sad especially when we know who foments them. Such waste of lives. So criminal.

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      1. Search McCain, pow cover-up, pave spike report, the American conservative. Ron Unz has linked to a TAC article from a few years ago. NV held back about half the pows to get reparations fro US. It took so long they gave up and covered up. Pave spikes were monitors dropped by aircraft that could also send messages. Radio traffic, pilot transponder signals, pavespike signals, sos messages in clearings are all covered up with McCains help. Too embarrassing, too messy. I know agent orange people suffering today.

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