WHO Admits Polio Vaccines Are Causing Polio

The PPJ Gazette

September 24, 2019

Polio Vaccination—Still Causing Polio After All These Years

By the Children’s Health Defense Team

. . .There had been no cases of wild poliovirus on the African continent since September 2016, but by July 2019, the WHO was cautioning that there was a high risk of ongoing type 2 vaccine virus spreading across Africa. Outbreak investigators have been documenting an uptick in circulating vaccine-derived  poliovirus type 2 in both human and environmental samples since mid-2017 . . .
It is exceedingly rare for the public health community to admit to any problems with vaccination. Every so often, however, circumstances force officials into making just such an acknowledgement. The current debacle seeping out into the news—which is actually a long-running tale minted anew—is that oral polio vaccines are “spawning virulent strains” of polioviruses. The alarming surge in vaccine-derived polio cases presents vaccine planners with a “

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  1. World Powers are trying to reduce populations, Especially in Africa, They have teamed up with the Corporate Drug companies to achieve their goals, Watch but do not Trust

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