LORDS OF WAR DOWN UNDER: 21 Reasons to be seriously alarmed.


By Ben Vidgen DEADLINE

Turns out one of the player who have being pushing for was against Iran is Lockheed Martin. In June 2019 23 on CBS News analyst and retired Navy Admiral James Winnefeld Jr. slammed President Trump for calling off retaliatory strikes on Iran over a downed US drone, while insisting we must strike Iran or else the United States will “lose a lot of credibility. Winnefeld a director of military defense contractor of Raytheon who have close ties down under with the US London based Lockheed in 2018 (something CBS did not disclose this) and like Lockheed with Saudi Arabia.

Lockheed have built up a massive presence in NZ regionally as they establish themselves and allied military industrial subsidiary firms bit by bit. The extensive interest of these war lords down under include;

1.Raytheon Lockheed Antarctica NZ.

2.Raytheon Lockheed Antarctica USA.

3. Rock Lab Mahia Penisula who are funded by Lockheed Martin

4. Raytheon…

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