Google’s got a new face-tracking camera for your home. We’ve got questions

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It’s no longer just always-listening microphones — Google’s new Nest Hub Max smart display adds a camera that’s always scanning for faces.

Source: C/Net

Google Home and Nest Hubgadgets already feature microphones that are always listening for the words that wake up the Assistant (“OK, Google” or “Hey, Google”). Now, the search giant’s newest gadget for your home, the Nest Hub Max smart display, adds in a camera that’s always watching for a familiar face.

Google calls the feature Face Match, and it uses facial recognition technology to remember what you look like. After that, you can tap on the screen to see personalized bits of data like calendar appointments and Google Duo messages whenever it recognizes you.

The Nest Hub Max isn’t the first product to bring facial recognition technology — and the legal and ethical considerations that come with it — into people’s homes. Smart phones

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