UN Accused Of Secretly Sterilizing Half A Million Kenyan Women

From 2015… nevertheless beware

AFRICANGLOBE – About 500,000 Kenyan women may never bear children after being injected with a contaminated tetanus vaccine last year, the Kenyan Catholic Church claims in its final report on the controversial vaccination drive.

Their report cites tests by a joint committee of experts which found that 30 percent of vials from the October vaccination campaign were laced with an anti-pregnancy hormone.

The committee was mandated by Parliament last year when the Church opposed the plans to vaccinate 2.3 million child-bearing women against tetanus.

Yesterday, head of catholic health commission Rev Paul Kariuki said the ministry has pulled out of the committee.

“Thirty percent of the vials collected during the tetanus vaccination campaign sponsored and funded by WHO and Unicef contained HCG,” says the report, which has been produced only by the church-seconded experts.

HCG is the hormone that can be embedded in vaccines to trigger early miscarriage in women.

Rev Kariuki said three of the nine vials tested from last year’s vaccination campaign were confirmed to contain very high levels of the Beta HCG hormone.

“The beta quantity of Beta HCG is highly significant ranging from 24-37.5 per cent,” says Rev Kariuki.



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  1. And you think it’s only Kenya? Ever wondered why there’s been such a drive to get vaccines in the Western world? What the planes are dropping in the chemtrails? What’s in the junk foods/drinks and household items, those especially with a long list of odd sounding ingredients? (do some research on some of them and ask for example what they’re doing in a shampoo/liquid soap product?!). There’s never been a “safe” vaccine – ever. And please, before any paid distractors come aboard, don’t come up with the old “polio” chestnut…….


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