The truth about smart cities

Amazing Polly shares her insights on not so smart cities, a bit like the dumb meters they try to foist on us.

Published on Jun 27, 2019

I expose the con games & sales pitches that the billionaires use to entice us into building SMART Cities & share inspiration from Taipei where the people are rejecting the SMART grid system. Also, I show you an odd similarity between SMART Cities and the “Hameau” — specially designed, fully functioning villages that were installed on the estates of the elites in France in the run up to the French Revolution. My paypal for $$ tips is here (THANK YOU!): Follow me on Bitchute! Please subscribe when you’re there:… References: Daily Mail The ARchers ruined small farms:… Quilette Tech Oligarchs:… waterfront toronto:… Future of Fintech:… Blockchain news: Dezeen SmartCity:… facebook france:… Dubai Smart City of the Future:… Media Lab, Dubai smartphone penetration, 2018:… Interesting Engineering, Smart Cities:… Jim Balsillie:… Taiwan Mobile Pay:… International Urban Development Association / Taipei:… Pleasure Dairy:… Coindesk:…

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