SCHOOL TIES & OLD BOYS: Part 1 -Guards Guards, Guards.


Article Foreword

This story deals with the topics of Freemasonry and Police corruption. Freemasonry is a topic this author normaly does not like to touch, due to its instant association with fringe topics and a kind of hysteria (fearporn) thats not constructive. So that while the Lodge is a signifigant NGO historically and has undoubtedly influenced history in numerous way its to easy in focusing on topic like Freemasonry to inflate or exagerate its input. In relation to the many and various other NGO public private and secret socwity that also exist and also have influence in our wider society.

Yet in relation to the topic of polcing and as vehicle for old school, old boys, to supress or hinder justice and prevent accountability it has a special signifigance within the Commonwealth in relation to police reforms and police accountability and therefore needs to be adressed directly.

Especialy at a…

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