Dead’ Woman Wakes Up Before Organ Removal; Doctors Continue Anyway

Now this will challenge your thinking. So she stirs & is clearly alive so the surgeons decide to give her a strong sedative intent on the removal of her organs.  Just shows how far we’ve slid into the new ‘norm’. As the presenter of this info questions, do dead people need sedatives? And it was not their decision to make. As it turns out the woman is saved. This is highlighting the huge dollar value of the organ trade. In my personal opinion it is all disgusting and beggars belief. It certainly indicates we need to think deeply about consenting to organ donation. Yikes. EWR

4 thoughts on “Dead’ Woman Wakes Up Before Organ Removal; Doctors Continue Anyway”

  1. Greed is the Creed. The guy said it right though. We are worth more to doctors and hospitals dead then alive. Same thing with funeral homes. They sell body parts knowing full well the family wont look under the skirt so to speak. the legs may be pcv tubing. the bones and tissue sold for thousands to labs and doctors. ghouls!


  2. This woman was luckey, Today Money seems more important than people, Just look at NZ Govt’s Poison Plan ?


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