How to hack your face to dodge the rise of facial recognition tech

Getting bizarre isn’t it?

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UK police forces are increasingly experimenting with controversial new facial recognition (FR) technology for crowd control and locating suspects. Critics, however, have labeled the trials a shambles, pointing to the high error rate and even higher cost of the program.

Documents released underFreedom of Information Act requestshave shown that collectively South Wales Police and London’s Metropolitan Police have spent millions of pounds on trials of the technology, despite the fact that both systems have been shown to have an error rate over 90 per cent.

Similar trials around the world have raised concerns around the technology, including in San Francisco where privacy advocates arecalling for a banon the use of FR by law enforcement.

It’s not just the police who are interested in the potential use of FR. From shopping malls to sporting grounds, it is becoming more and more difficult for the average person to…

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5 thoughts on “How to hack your face to dodge the rise of facial recognition tech”

  1. it seems to be just the poor and working class that are under constant surveillance. don’t see those around the super rich neighborhoods. no cameras to watch the people who claim this power is necessary and/or the politicians. creating open air prisons for everyone except the rich, the politicians, and rulers.

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      1. i think they fear us but why I have no idea. we are not bad people….people don’t resist a thing they are forced to do so why the fear? the true criminals are in governments


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