Queensland Govt says it owns rainfall once it hits the ground on your property

More shades of Agenda 21. Have a read at the link below of the plans the globalists have for our water supplies & how they plan to tax you. And yes of course it looks great, it’s meant to. Meanwhile no probs for corporations to purchase our supplies via corrupt councils for absolute peanuts … and sell them offshore for enormous profits, bottled in that stuff they want YOU to stop using (not them because corrupt governments are either right in corporate pockets or haven’t the sovereign power any more to stop them, or both).  EWR

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From cairnsnews.org

Lakeland farmers have been told they no longer own the water after rainfall hits the ground on their properties.

Desperate for irrigation water to keep their banana crops alive the State Government delivered a mortal blow preventing farmers from building any more dams over 50 megalitres capacity without applying for an expensive licence.

Mareeba-based Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy officer Patrick Huber broke the devastating news at a meeting of Lakeland farmers recently.

Mr Huber stressed that water caught in domestic rainwater tanks was safe from government hands but any other water belonged to the State.

Releasing the Draft Water Plan for Cape York Peninsula he said overland flow had to be protected and the department would soon require land owners with existing dams, large or small, to supply dam measurements and capacities to the department.

Within 12 months of receiving the information the DNR would then issue a licence for the water and install meters on all private dams to get an idea of water usage.


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  1. reposted on my blog. excellent information. Governments are a parasite. One the human race can do without, happily. It is fire, it consumes everything it touches. people need to learn to do without a ruler and a master. grow up! too many adult children in the world who want to told what to do, how to live, how to think, protect me! no! protect yourself. be an adult. the alternative is far worse….just look around…all the atrocities committed by goons with guns. everything taking place is a result of creating the beast in the first place.

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    1. Yes, true highlanderviews …. thanks for your thoughts … however ….in fairness, they were lulled into that, a whole generation of them. It’s waking them up is the big issue & time’s getting short really.

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      1. they can’t be woke up…the stanford prison experiment comes to mind. once they have power it corrupts them. they get drunk on it and will do anything to get more of it. it isn’t the person who holds the whip that flays our backs that is the problem so to speak, it is the whip itself that is the problem. remove the whip. let no one use it…. it is the fact the power exists…remove the power. anyone who has power will use it to evil ends. it is the nature of power. it cannot be anything else. generation after generation suffer because of it.

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