Vodafone’s ‘secret 5G rollout’ – on you the NZ GUINEA PIGS by Dec 2019 (not tested yet, they really can’t wait to fry you)

Ah but you’ll be able to download stuff really really fast…!!

5G “will be rolling out in December 2019 to select locations across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown” we’re told on the Vodafone website. 

See NZ’s site on this one: https://www.5g.org.nz for info and what you can do to oppose it.


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Please take note of the folk behind 5G (header image). You can read Dean Henderson’s take on it here. Serco, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto even (now Bayer). A must read. These people have never had your best interests in mind, and I don’t think they’re going to any time soon. Educate yourself on 5G & fight it.

And NZ Herald’s on Vodafone’s plans they didn’t ask you about …

31st July 2019

Vodafone is being tipped to make a 5G launch announcement at an event scheduled for tomorrow.

Fifth-generation mobile networks will offer many times the speed of today’s “4G”.

But it’s not clear at this point if it will be a test site, some kind of wider deployment, or a marketing spin on improvements to Vodafone’s 4G network..



10 thoughts on “Vodafone’s ‘secret 5G rollout’ – on you the NZ GUINEA PIGS by Dec 2019 (not tested yet, they really can’t wait to fry you)”

  1. So I have been trying to find out “who’s” 5G they plan to roll out.. No real information on that, so I can only assume it’s the US Military Grade 5G. After all “China Bad”.. Hopefully im that far “off grid” it wont affect me.

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    1. Yep rural has to be safer in the meanwhile. I see the overall plan is to flush us out of those places mind, into the smart cities. Not to be pessimistic but can’t help but see that with all of the large scale poisoning going on. Disturbing really. As to the grade … good question really. Barrie Trower speaks of military grade. Must check him out again for the latest.


      1. I just don’t see how we will be able to work, pay taxes, create things, be debt- slaves etc. if they wipe us out as a whole? Is it ‘only the fittest will survive’ or a general depopulation strategy?
        Probably just a few microchipped, sick, mind- controlled working slaves will be left? How will the elite survive if the planet is fried including all forms of life? In bunkers? In palaces?

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        1. Such a frequent question. IMO they have a depop strategy. I’ve heard a few theories. They already want us down to a few mill. What’s left I expect will be yep the work force … those who don’t question things of course. See in China they have a credit system which is control refined. Step outa line & you can’t do this that or the other thing. Police state scenario. As to their survival I would say they’re protected which we also can do at huge expense of course. Remember too their tech is way ahead of what they let us know they have. They have underground cities already I believe.


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