Living with EMS: The true story of two NZ women who fell ill soon after a cell tower was erected near their home

Electro Magnetic Sensitivity

My Story

My name is Stephanie and I have Electro Magnetic Sensitivity or EMS as it is known and I am sharing my story with you in hope of shining a light on what it is like to live with EMS and the impact it has on my life. Also I would like to share with you the dangers of cell phones, cell phone towers and all things wifi.

For the first 42 years of my life my health was what you might describe as uneventful. Then one evening in the year 2000 I went to bed and my heart went into an irregular rhythm. I had never experienced that before then and in a few short weeks I developed a rash on my inner thighs which was neither itchy or sore. Over the following years these symptoms were with me constantly. My hair also thinned, my face developed blotching, my cheek bones were sore and my joints began to ache. At the eight year mark my health quickly deteriorated with trouble breathing, anxiety and depression, leaky gut and more. All this and I was still trying to go to work. I had worked for Westpac as a teller for the previous eleven years. To try and find out what was happening to me I started to investigate the risks of working with plastic and up came an illness called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and of course all of my symptoms. At that time I happened to meet someone who had developed MCS working in an Xray department at a hospital using the developing chemicals. She said it certainly sounded like I had developed MCS from the plastic money, and when I next went to the doctor he agreed. I spent the next couple of years trying to stay in the land of the living while my body tried to detox the poison through my skin. When I started to feel a bit better I started to dig deeper into what this illness was exactly and how this was going to impact my life from now on. In everything I read there was always a foot note that read, if you have MCS then you will have EMS as well and if you don’t have it now you will eventually develop it. At this point I chose not to believe it and continued trying to recover from my illness. Nearly twenty years have elapsed since my first symptom and I have never had a day off. In the past few years I had to face the fact that I have both EMS and MCS and have had EMS since the first irregular heart beat.

I learnt that a cell phone tower was erected behind our property the very year I started getting sick.

It was within 100m of our home. I have also learnt that my daughter is also sick with EMS. Her first symptom was in 2000 also and her symptoms are all the same as mine. Like me she has only known for as long as me. My daughter and I are both unable to work because wifi is everywhere. We are only able to go into general population when wearing protective clothing like anti magnetic clothing under our regular clothing. To be able to move freely is no longer an option. We are unable to go to cafes, the library, movies or concerts. In other words we can no longer be in society. This impacts relationships as well. Your home has to be wifi free and it is preferable to have a home

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Frequently these towers are erected with neither public consultation nor consent & close to where people live & work

that shields you from the EMF’s from the outside world, like a faraday cage. My 36 year old daughter and I have had to leave our families, including my son. I can no longer be an integral part of my grandchildren’s lives. My daughter spent five years studying Jazz and music and had to give up because she was so unwell. She then studied coding in Melbourne Aus. for three years and had to give up again because she was so unwell. It was when we found out about EMS that the penny dropped. I live on a property that I jointly own with my sister. We are both artists and have tried to develop an artistic life but now because a cell phone tower went up in the dead of night up the road from our house we have to sell and forget about our dreams of a creative artistic life together. We had been working on building a little cafe over the last three years and now it is no longer. The way people are expected to live their lives on line is not an option for me. I cannot be connected and neither can my daughter. But now everything is online and the services that used to provide an alternate way are quickly being removed, for example we need a landline for a phone but you cannot get a landline hooked up to a piece of land anymore which is going to make it hard for us as we will probably have to buy a piece of land to be away from the EMF’s. I am currently nursing lesions on my right arm that I have had for nearly two years. It is my body detoxing from the exposure I had when my daughter returned from Melbourne and the wifi was turned on. If I don’t leave here then the addition of 5G from the cell phone tower up the road will probably be enough to put my health in serious jeopardy. Because we are unemployable we are financially disadvantaged, and to try and get to a safe place and get all that you need to be safe has a financial cost. The government should be owning what it has decided to do to New Zealand’s population and help with protecting the already sick. Also doctors need to be trained about the illness and learn to recognize the symptoms. I am so sick of seeing the media and invited guests talking about the anxiety and depression epidemic and blaming it on social media (not entirely innocent but not the real problem) when it is the device itself and the EMF’s it is dousing it’s user in every three seconds. Over the years as I shared my story with people I met I was always greeted with…oh you poor thing, you must be so sensitive. I accepted that initially but not whole heartedly. We are what is known as the canaries of the 21st century, the indication that something is not ok in our environment that is making people sick and all of earth’s inhabitants sick. Other auto-immune diseases are also linked to wifi such as Cancer, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Asthma and food allergies. If I could recommend anything to read to give you good information on this vast subject it would be “An electronic Silent Spring” by Katie Singer. Food for thought; This technology is being sold to us as the answer to climate change, a replacement to the damaging fossil fuel technologies we have been exposed to over the last 100 years plus, but electro magnetic frequencies are microwave radiation. The same as your microwave oven that you use to cook things.

It leaves me asking…is this cooking the planet as well?

Also I recently watched the programme of the moon landing in 1969 and they mentioned that the EMF’s used in the modern cell phone is 100,000 times stronger than the EMF’s used in 1969 to communicate with the astronauts on the moon. Could this technology that is being sold to us as the answer to global warming, the new way forward for human evolution, the best thing since sliced bread, in fact be a poison chalice, so toxic for our planet and all its inhabitants that we may not recover from its toxic reach?

On the topic of EMFs, here is a link to an upcoming lecture by Dr. Mary Redmayne.

Children in the Screen Age”

Friday, 9 August, 2019 7.00 – 8.30 pm, Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School Hall

Presentation by Dr. Mary Redmayne

PhD, PG Dip.Teach., PG Dip Env. Stud., BA, Adjunct Research Associate, Victoria University, Wellington and Monash University Melbourne, Independent Researcher, Consultant, Wellington

More info at this link:


5 ways to reduce your exposure to EMF dangers


Photos: collation of two Pixabay images
Note: The images are purely for the purposes of illustration. Neither of the women nor the same cell phone mast pictured are those in the story. (All cell phone masts nevertheless pose health risks.)

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  2. EMS is called EHS here in Canada and the US and Europe. EHS = Electro Hypersensitivity. I measure RFRadiation (not magnetic radiation) for clients who believe that they have a problem. I grade EHS from 0 to 10. I am EHS 0 and feel nothing even though my body is being hit by same levels of radiation as others. People with EHS 2 to EHS 4 have minor symptoms but chalk those up to: i am tired, something I ate, beginning of a minor cold or flu. People with EHS 5 to EHS 8 know what is going on and avoid locations with high levels of RFRadiation: cell towers, wifi routers, establishments that offer free wifi, and those bloody awful cordless phones and cell phones. People with EHS 9 and EHS 10 must shield them selves or move to a white zone – a town with no RFRadiation. It seems that Stephanie has EHS 10. You can see symptoms – search electro hypersensitivity symptoms.
    with or without magnetic in search.



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      1. Dear Pam,

        Thanks and I just wanted to add that vaccines are also thought of as common denominator for many allergies. A look into the ‘ingredient list’ says it all… The problem is that our toxic buckets are getting so full we don’t know anymore what caused the onset of our suffering. In Stephanie’s case it is crystal-clear though.
        I attach a letter I wrote to the associate health minster but I guess it is useless from previous experience..and agenda 21 is the main goal, isn’t it? Silence or check-book science will be the answer… in the case of 5G not even check-book science🤦‍♀️

        Many greetings in these dark times🤗

        Hi Jenny

        What can we do apart from petition after petition, meetings, distributing leaflets, talking to people? We can’t all move to the islands or into the woods…
        We are a few groups all working with no pay to save our families, friends, country- all forms of life really- from this planned onslaught. Just read the articles below to get a glimpse on what is in store.

        The few mainstream bits on ‘seven sharp’ or ‘fair go’ are neither enough nor detailed enough to address this type of threat and assault on all of us.

        Once they have erected the nightmarish towers of horror, surveillance and disease (many disguised as street lamps) they will be hard to get rid of. Why don’t we follow Brussels? Or Sacramento?

        What I find astonishing is that 5G frequencies can even activate dormant viruses in our bodies. The list of resulting ailments is long as is the list of further surveillance opportunities including controlling our power supply (possibly water at some stage?).

        Many of us can not or do not want to live without this new world of technology anymore but we want to use it safely, don’t we?

        All correspondence on the matter with the health minister was fobbed off and ‘safe international guidelines’ were quoted. Who sets these guidelines is anyone’s guess.
        Have you ever listened to Drs Klinghardt or Pompa? Or looked into the bioinitivae report?

        There is lot of interest surrounding the link between cell phone radiation and cancer. But cancer is only the tip of the iceberg.

        Radiation exposures of the type emitted by cell phones and towers are also linked to many other diseases and potentially life threatening illnesses, including:

        sperm damage & male infertility
        vascular system disease
        childhood cancer
        sleep problems
        memory loss
        concentration difficulties
        dizziness and fatigue
        suicidal tendencies
        heart attacks
        bone marrow interference
        altered calcium level in cells
        reduction in night-time melatonin
        suppression of the immune system
        skin symptoms
        lymphatic diseases
        hearing problems

        Why are we to be guinea pigs for this industry? Why do we have to wait for another 30 or more years similar to tobacco or asbestos when the data/ studies on cellphone use and 5G are already here and screaming NO! They don’t even mention anecdotal evidence of birds dying near these towers, people losing their hair out of the blue and students/teachers reporting high rates of cancer in a wifi school environment. It might just be the straw that broke the camels back because their toxic bucket was overflowing. Bees are said to lose their navigational skills.
        It can’t be seen, touched, tasted or smelled which makes it so dangerous. But it can be felt by people already affected by EHS.

        Why do I or fellow citizens potentially have to suffer or become sick so that a few game addicted victims can get get their latest fix with 5G or people can download their YouTube stuff within seconds?
        Why not leave it at the health mess we are already experiencing with 4G and wait and see? Don’t they earn enough as it is? Can’t we generate money with greener ventures?

        Frank Clegg ex-CEO of Microsoft Canada! was recently speaking on a sobering EMF health summit.
        He was not only campaigning for safe tech, he was telling the truth about what the industry is doing to cover up cancer, DNA damage and infertility.

        One of the problems is that every wireless company might want to build its own 5G network which requires the installation of new equipment or mini towers in front of homes even though they also plan to use infrastructure in form of existing street lights to remain ‘unobtrusive’.

        Milimetre waves are currently used by the US Army as crowd control dispersing weapon, China and Russia are using it too.
        Any wireless system in your home exposes you to non-ionizing radiation which is not save at all although our ministry of health is stating that it is. These devices transmit radio signals 24/7 as well as receiving them. Any metals from coil spring mattresses to braces in your mouth direct the waves to your body so you and your home become a radio station.

        A typical wifi router at home transmits at 2.45 or 5 GHz with the 2.45 GHz frequencies vibrating at the same frequency as water. Humans are made of 99.9% water on a molecular level but that does not bother or interest those in charge.

        Dr Joel Moskowitz, Professor of public health at the University of California (Berkeley) insists on a moratorium on 5 G until non-industry research can be conducted. He states that the frequency, modulation and pulse of carrier waves affect biology as much as thermal exposure of the 5G signal. Governments do not consider modulation or pulsing of waves as being relevant.
        Also the International Society of Doctors for the environment has appealed for a standstill under the precautionary principle.
        There are various similar appeals like In NZ the website has useful information about initiatives you could take.

        What asbestos, pesticides, tobacco, fluoridation etc. was for our generation’s health and suffering—5G will be the kids’ burden and possible doom.😖

        Shall we all walk around like zombies in protective clothing not able to go out anymore? Shall sufferers of EHS be banned to sanctuaries?
        What madness😢! Please help while you can! Please don’t stay silent on this issue.
        What is the use allowing the population getting sick and crippled? Who will be able to work productively, create and enjoy our way of life anymore? Who will pay taxes?
        An upcoming summit with many medical professionals, doctors, scientists etc.

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