Who is REALLY pulling the global strings? … All roads lead to the City of London (Dean Henderson)

Yes the City of London corporation, the city within a city that most of us weren’t even aware of. Watch here for an interesting exposé regarding NZ’s banking history and our original indebtedness to the international bankers in the 1800s.

Published on Jun 26, 2018

The City of London and The Black Nobility go way back in a world full of Crown Agents and Rothschild Dynasty. Dean gets right to the point. Now you know what you’re up against. The next speaker is Jonathan Revusky discussing Reality vs. Simulation: Deconstructing Roger Rabbit Narratives DeepTruth.info Saturday 9 June 2018 — Produced: 2018, Episode: DT DH-COL, Category: Education, 58:00 — Phone your local public TV station and ask them to broadcast this film to your local community. Your station can download the film in TV broadcast format from PEGMedia.org . This film is available for any Public TV station in the country – and world – to broadcast. Stations that use Telvue, DVDs or other media can contact 911TV1@gmail.com for instructions. — This PEGMedia Episode: http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=m… — More 911TV Films On PEGMedia http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=m… — View This Show On YouTube: https://youtu.be/IfulO2DVLFM — More 911TV Films On YouTube: http://youtube.com/911TVorg — 911TV’s Blog http://Blog.911tv.org — 911TV’s Website http://www.911TV.org
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7 thoughts on “Who is REALLY pulling the global strings? … All roads lead to the City of London (Dean Henderson)”

  1. Once people understand who pulls the Bankster’s Crown govts strings they can start asking these questions like these good ones from David T ( health spokesperson)put to NZ Ministers. Unanswered by all of course as they will not tell people why they didn’t and still don’t use no interest loans from the reserve bank .
    “1. What is the term of the loan?2. What is the interest rate?3. At the conclusion of the loan how much interest will the DHB have paid?
    4. What is the source of the money for the loan and who actually receives the interest?
    5. Will the DHB be paying off the principal during the term of the loan?
    6. Why don’t your government arrange all loans( 0% interest ) through the Reserve Bank?
    And this bankster pilfering goes on and on.We borrow for the budget and pay interest and costs multiple times over and nothings ever paid off.
    A ponzi scheme and as we can see the Crown’s NZ govt( local included) are at record levels of debt creation.
    Its all odious.
    I’m in Wellington and the Council just charged us $30 million just to close the library.
    But on a positive note we are co creators in this world . So instead of being in the same state as these unconscious mind conditioned sheeple and control freaks we should be Being what we want the world to be.
    Exposure of the corruption is ( over)due.

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    1. Thirty mill to CLOSE the library. How did they justify that one? I missed it except for the recent revelations on other library closures by Ben Vidgen (aka book burning). Little glimmers appear of all this carry on but folks don’t get the big picture. I agree the exposure is long overdue. Time to be saying what it is. I like how Dean puts it, we know who the head of the snake is & it’s time to chop it off.


      1. They don’t even try to justify it .And though a lot of people are outraged a lot more are asleep.
        They just release endless press releases that they are doing so well and nothing to see here.They have another secret agenda and want to demolish the library to develop the civic square into apartments.
        The debt creation from the erroneous new( earthquake) code is huge.
        WCC are on the banker’s Insurance companies earthquake yellow sticker industry march .The engineers that support the Govts new code have a conflict of interest & really don’t have a clue about the (un)safety of any structure on the ground in large earthquakes.
        And conveniently the WCC needed the declared ” climate” emergency to enforce the yellow sticker madness.

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        1. Ah apartments – developers? Thanks for the info Mathew. We have the earthquake thing here as well. Buildings bulldozed for this reason, some genuine, some I wonder about definitely.


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