Concern gathers over KCDC’s future commitment to Social Housing

Sounds familiar. Our Horowhenua flats went that route… council promised to sell to a housing provider then sold to a property developer that then partnered with a housing provider. Clever ploy & that lasts til 2030 or thereabouts. Rents have risen once already 18 months in, & incoming tenants have had an additional $10 added to rents. Thin end of the wedge & the general trend of council flats throughout NZ as the corporate takeover progresses & people matter less & profits matter more. Thousands of state homes sold off to property developers & as we speak some are still being quietly bulldozed I hear from nearby tenants/neighbours/relatives etc. A sad day really.

Waikanae Watch

Concern over the future of tenants in KCDC’s 118 social housing units is mounting as council prepares to receive an external commissioned report on KCDC’s future role as social housing providers, says Districtwide Councillor Jackie Elliott. Councillors have been asked to remain silent and not publicly speculate on the consultant’s recommendations.

Meanwhile, a two year old Mayoral community taskforce report on Kapiti’s Social Housing which contains many options for council, including the leasing of social housing to private providers, continues to gather dust and remains unconsidered. The consultant is supposed to be considering the taskforce findings, but why insist this all happens behind closed doors?

The Mayor has publicly said Social housing is the role of central government not councils’. If this is his opinion he should say so, as it is definitely not one I share, says Cr Elliott. It is also not an opinion shared by the…

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