Founder of The Weather Channel: “There Is No Global Warming”

Founder of The Weather Channel: “There Is No Global Warming”

There’s been less than one degree temperature change since 1978 and no warming to speak of since 1998. So where is the government getting their information from?

It turns out that the government has been manipulating climate computer models. This means that the American tax payers are being charged 4.7 billion dollars a year in taxes that are being used to fund organizations that carry out meaningless studies based on bad science. Basically, the American people are paying fake scientists to lie to them.

Find out more in the video below.

Government actions to counter “carbon pollution” have raised the cost of fuel, electricity and food by an average of $1000 per year for an average American family of four. If that family of four would only open their Internet browsers and see that the Antarctic Sea is at an…

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6 thoughts on “Founder of The Weather Channel: “There Is No Global Warming””

  1. Yes, I saw that on CNN last night, Make you wonder, The scientists on the channel said it was about Population Control

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    1. IMO David it’s multi purpose. One big ruse is contained in the new world order/Agenda 2030 lie & is one of the manufactured ‘threats’ to persuade people to accept their global governance plan. Which of course is not the happy global village they portray but rather rule by jackboot, already playing out in places of unrest as they continue to censor, disarm & burn the books.


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