Barbarians At the Gates: The systematic looting of our galleries archives and libraries.


Opotiki, Gore, Titahi Bay and Waikanae, libraries have been shuttered within the past year due to toxic mould. Same exscuse mould/ earthquake engineering, which as Southland Gallery & Nelson Trafalgar centre show (both closed by bureaucrat Clare Hadley) was an utter lie.

So what gives??

As closed signs pop up collections are looted purged and or collections moved out of reach of public researchers. As developers and smart technology hyenas move in.


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“Internal Affairs briefing, Hon Tracey Martin, Minister of Internal Affairs 

Title: Management of the National Library’s Overseas Published Collections 

Date: 11 December 2018 

Action sought: Approve the removal of all overseas publications from the Overseas Published Collections, excluding those in subject areas identified as collecting priorities in the Overseas Collecting Plan, and in alignment with the 2015 National Library Collections Policy. 

Note that due to evidence of low demand and the age…

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6 thoughts on “Barbarians At the Gates: The systematic looting of our galleries archives and libraries.”

  1. That is exactly the desire. Much more sneaky and devious than blatantly burning books.
    PS – And yes, “it’s all on” and has been for a long while. However, the parasites are beginning to expose themselves more and more as they believe that they have it all wrapped up……. ; )

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  2. Unbelievable. Just recently watched the updated version of Fahrenheit 451 last month.
    And have you noticed the names of the devices for ebooks they hope to replace real books with? Kindle reader and Fire tablet! You really can’t make this stuff up…..

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