Rocket Lab’s ‘Make it Rain’ launch

“…help monitor and inform decision about global warming”  … the old globalist go to for doing just about anything they want & the gullible trusting public as always fall for it hook line & sinker. And as for the ‘make it rain’ title, well some of us know they’ve been making it rain & weaponizing weather for quite some time now.
Why ever else would DARPA have their fingers in this pie?

“Rocket Lab has already launched satellites for US defence agency Darpa and the US Air Force this year….

Earlier, Beck said most defence technologies were “dual use”. Technologies that had come out of defence spending, including the internet, GPS and imaging systems that can help monitor and inform decision about global warming all gelled with his company’s motto that “We go into space to improve life on Earth.” “

from the NZ Herald

Rocket Lab’s “Make it Rain” launch has successfully liftoff, with its Electron now orbital.

The mission is the company’s seventh Electron launch and third for 2019.


7 thoughts on “Rocket Lab’s ‘Make it Rain’ launch”

  1. I wonder what those ‘real journalists’ think when the material we have talked about for years, that is labled conspiracy theory, is actually true? I wonder if they give those that put their money where their mouth is, any consideration when redesigning “the lie”.
    Thanks for your ever watchful eye Pam.

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  2. New Zealand once considered “downunder”, and off the radar is now right in the crosshairs. I
    f or rather, when, the nukes start flying, who can blame Russia or China for targeting us.

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    1. HI GRA644GRA644
      Russia and China have quiet and amicable agreements with NZ. The No nuke policy was only held up against the US. It is little known Russian ships moved through our waters without trouble during that era. Today China owns the North Island thanks to deals with Key, Russia are comrades behind the scenes.
      Wars are not won with nukes. Today you are in more trouble from leaking nuke plants, than from worrying about a rouge counties nukes because it is frequency weapons that they use. Invisible weapons of mass distruction.
      I would be far more concerned about our supposed allies, then the Chinese or Russians. They really have far biger matters to focus on.

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  3. Sadly $$$money taken by Crown from NZ taxpayers goes straight to the Bankster’s war machine (Washington) corporations and companies( Rocket Labs).
    The Chinese branch of the Establishment( unicorn) currently runs the Crown NZ govt and pulls its strings, Chinese own much of the NZ land, national assets, much of Auckland, take the water .Whereas Kiwis cannot even buy land in China .
    But in saying that we should not fall prey to the dogma Us v them, or create enemies where there are none. That thinking is what has justified the wars and the big NZ defense spend up .

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