WikiLeaks’ Assange Says His Life at Stake in Extradition Fight

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WikiLeaks' Assange Says His Life at Stake in Extradition FightSource:

(Bloomberg)— WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told a London court that his life was “effectively at stake” as he battled being sent to the U.S. to face charges that he endangered national security.

Appearing via videolink from the high-security Belmarsh prison, Assange said observers “should not fall into believing that WikiLeaks is anything but a publisher.” He spoke after a judge at Westminster Magistrates Court ordered that his full five-day hearing should be fixed for Feb. 25 next year.

The court appearance comes after Home Secretary Sajid Javid signed an order that lets an American bid to extradite Assange to formally proceed. Assange, in a gray shirt and wearing glasses, spoke at the end of the hearing to ask for details of the American indictment, which he’s yet to see.

The U.S. has charged Assange with 18 counts related to endangering national security by conspiring to obtain and disclose…

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4 thoughts on “WikiLeaks’ Assange Says His Life at Stake in Extradition Fight”

  1. Julian did a Great job allowing the most important information about the “Wrongs” taking place by a corrupt Government, He should really get a “Peace Prize after all the Mental terror he has been through, All the Good people of the World should support him

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