what’s the use of the National Poisons Centre?

We’re pretty much on our own on this. Be vigilant everybody. I read a discussion yesterday saying two women had died of unknown causes in a town near a post 1080 drop zone. People will need to wake up big time if they value their lives & that of their families. Getting very gung ho … especially when they are not censoring the EPRO contractor who was quoted publicly in the newspaper as saying it is safe to eat a pellet. And teaching our kids it’s ‘not very dangerous to humans’. EWR

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poisonby Carol Sawyer

Yesterday I had a conversation with the National Poisons Centre.

Joel Lund of Wanaka had asked a GP what he would do if someone presented with poisoning symptoms after an aerial 1080 poison drop. The doctor replied he would contact the National Poisons Centre. This sounds like a sensible response, one would have thought. Think again!

I had a number of questions for the National Poisons Centre about 1080 poisoning, given that so many people live around 1080 drop zones and are potentially exposed to the substance many times over.

I asked the person who answered the phone there if she was the correct person to be talking to. She said she was.

I explained that we are about to experience another 1080 poison drop in our area (Wanaka) and asked if there were testing kits available here.

She replied, “I don’t know, and I don’t know…

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